Professor: Kris Scheerlinck Research Studio, Fall 2009 [High Contrast]
School: SoA @ UIC @ IAAC
Designer: Stephen Coorlas

​Synthitecture studies the alignment of architecturally space defining components with corresponding discipline geometries. The result is a comprehensive synthesized architecture exemplifying a standardized geometric language for design coordination across building systems. Spatially, this architecture offers user-experience in framed episodes of program, each sheared from one-another while offering moments of overlap to control user-navigation.

This exploration aims to physically emulate current user-interface & navigation architectures in digital software. How we click through folder structures to locate files; how we "⌘​+F" or "Ctrl+F" and jump to our​ point of interest; how we tap in, out, and through applications. In these instances, user-experience conforms to scripted navigation structures and reactive programming. Here, aesthetics are removed from architecture, and allows it to focus primarily on sequence, boundary, and response.