Hi, I'm Stephen. I am passionate about geometry, composition, and flow. I practice these interests across various fields including art, architecture, sculpture, carpentry, music, film, and photography. The purpose of these explorations is to discover an embodied flow within each object or each experience. Flow is sometimes physical, and sometimes emotional; but it is always a journey through spacetime. 

During my master's program at UIC, I attended the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and trained in design and digital fabrication. Since then, I have integrated emergent design & fabrication techniques into my pursuit of creating a more cohesive and flowing built environment.

I am a Registered Architect in Illinois, and Senior Design Principal at Camburas Theodore LTD. My career in the architectural design field spans over 10 years with experiences at large and small companies throughout the Chicago-land area.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I am always interested to collaborate and share experiences.

Stephen Coorlas, NCARB