Calculated Aesthetic

On display at Alderman Exhibitions (Summer 2011)
Designers: Stephen Coorlas & Dominic Peternel

For this installation we were challenged by the gallery curator to exhibit "architecture" in an experimental fashion. Our response was to design an intensive experience that would locate the viewer in the convoluted realm of graphic, product, and architectural design.

This approach was established across several design mediums- drawings/renderings, working-scale models, wall-graphics, and full-scale sculpture to exemplify how a prototypical aesthetic can function between various product scales and types. Calculated Aesthetic is a design-response to the increasing use of, and familiarity with, digital software in-and-around the architectural discipline. In effect, graphic precision, complex geometries, and contemporary fabrication techniques tend to both, operate as design conditioners as well as reflect within the designed product.

Gallery owner and curator Ellen Alderman interviewed Stephen Coorlas and Dominic Peternel about their "Geo-Graphic" design philosophy and their approach to tackling design at all scales. To read the complete interview select the following link: Calculated Aesthetic Interview