Trillium Resort & Spa

High Rise Competition Designer: Stephen Coorlas
Location: Guaruja, Brasil
Year: 2015

Trillium Resort & Spa is a project proposal by Coorlas Architecture. The tower's waterfront site is located in Guaruja, Brasil. The formal expression is inspired by the Trillium plant; a three petalled flower which exhibits its efficiency in maximizing solar exposure with minimal flowering obstruction, and minimal structure. This concept translates into an efficient tower design by maximizing resident occupancy with minimal system infrastructure.

The tower’s flowing geometry was developed utilizing 2 Dimensional projective carving. This method of form modeling results in optimized geometry for non-orthogonal forms, reducing inefficient model elements and maintaining sculptural shape. The craft in this calculated geometry economizes the built-form by reducing the amount, and complexity, of assembled parts. The geometric-efficiency or Geo-Efficiency translates into cost-savings for owners, developers, contractors, and architects through simplified assembly and construction, time-saving, and more easily manageable datums for the architect to maintain & manipulate per design & form finding exercises. With the evolution & integration of digital machinery in the design and construction process, the gap between concept and built-form continues to shrink. Design Approach, Construction-Type, and Modeling Strategy must be considered a synthesized procedure. These have never been independent modes of operation; and now more than ever, these aspects of the design/build process are becoming unified and more interdependent.