Acoustic Architecture

[01] Sunrise : Gently introduces listeners to the "transparent" style of layering that is detectable throughout this album. This style is described as "transparent" because multiple rhythms are designed to either align (0% Opacity) or offset (100% Opacity) based on the overall composition of the track.

[02] Digitacoustic : Reveals the design process used to compose most songs on this album. The track progressively builds, creating a symphonic arrangement of rhythms. Each rhythm then gradients, note for note, into its digital self revealing the augmentative capabilities of digital software. The intention of this track is to exemplify how acoustic rhythms can be perceived differently with digital texturing.

[03] Shattered Transparency : Locates listeners in an atmosphere of uncertain tension and compression. Layers of drum patterns were used to stimulate a fractured sense of consciousness. The density of drum patterning requires the listener to forfeit control of "assumption" which opens their perception to rhythms and adjacencies they've never experienced before.

[04] Rain Drops : Immerses listeners in a gravity-heavy environment; where delicate textures are weighted with atmospheric effects. This track is about about environment.

[05] Snow Falls : Employs [silence] as a technique to create space for listeners to navigate through the rhythms. Similarly, architecture is as much about the void space as it is about the built material.

[06] Winter Bliss : Explores interdependencies among seemingly disparate rhythms. Each rhythmic layer on this track seems to have its own identity, yet the composition depends on all layers being played together to create a fuller more comprehensive sound.

[07] Spring Bossa Nova : Is Function Follows Form. This track seduces listeners with a hypnotic continuous solo line, which was the tonal result of the hand's path of least resistance.

[08] Innocent Chaos : Takes listeners on a passive journey through various types of urban event spaces. A train ride on elevated tracks; A balloon floating through traffic; an evening stroll through the park; Each occasion has an assumed acoustic characteristic. This track exaggerates these assumptions to tell a more vivid story of space.

[09] Patience : Requires the listener to be patient. The track seems to spiral indefinitely like a mobius strip while occasionally revealing familiar perspective.

[10] Synthetic Aesthetic : Exit Track

Acoustic Architecture explores similarities between Architectural design and Musical composition. Both use concepts of sequence, organization, and experience to create a product. Both use techniques of texture, transparency, and layering to achieve a sense of place. Available for purchase $8.99