Earth Was;

[01] Could Drop : A prelude to the catastrophic events that preceded mankind's dire need to travel beyond Earth's atmosphere for survival.

[02] Welcome to Earth : This lofty hypnotizing track suggests what a visitor's first impression of planet Earth may have been like.

[03] Arrival : Upon Arrival, we often experience anticipation, fear, excitement, anxiety, repose. These emotions are often associated with negative events; here they simply shape our primary behavior and approach towards learning and experiencing something new.

[04] Primitive : Signifies early stages of life on earth. Biologic & artificial life; at each stage of evolution When little was known. When the earth was pure.

[05] Instinctual : As a species, we advance, we begin to flourish and eventually learn our limits, how to push them, and how we operate on instinct. An era of self-indulgence and self-reliance.

[06] Shipping Yard : Humans capitalize on repetition - machine life is born. The assembly line, mass production, logistics, and transportation fuse into integrated, interdependent processes.

[07] Auto Pilot : Represents the eerie evolution of relinquishing control to automation, AI, and other forms of computational systems

[08] Energy Game : Is a representation of the search for self-sufficiency, perpetual, over-unity systems that will propel life, and indefinitely extend life, where ever it may occur, and whatever it may become.

[09] Exponential : The point of no return, sometimes referenced as the event horizon, the approach to singularity is a confluence of all information represented in the purest and simplest form.

[10] Night Shift : An experience through the servers, the energy stations, the monitoring devices that govern our operating systems, our satellites, our cell towers. The song suggests a never-ending grotesque complexity of obscure patterns and procedures.

[11] Morning Coffee : A glimpse at the liquefied, quantum, entangled, rhythms AI produces to support our hologram interpretation of life & object-interaction while we enjoy our most uniformly performed morning gesture; drinking coffee.

Earth Was; takes place in the future where these songs are used to describe what Earth was once like to interstellar Earth natives. Futuristic rhythms and complex layering throughout the album suggest a hindsight perspective of Earth, of nature, and mankind’s then-relationship to physics, chemistry, mathematics, and ordinary everyday life.